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How To Be More Lucky

How To Be More Lucky

  • Posted on: April 3, 2013
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Who doesn’t feel like they would benefit with a little more luck in their life? What no-one realises is that we have a direct influence on the amount of luck we are open to receive. There is nothing lucky about being lucky…

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity “small_533748215

The above quote was from Seneca, a Roman philosopher, and is just as true today as it was two thousand years ago.

Think about it, who would you expect lady luck to shine on more often? The guy who plays it safe just doing what is needed to get by, or the guy who is constantly working to improve his skills in preparation for the opportunity that may sneak up when he least expects it?

Poker is a prime example of this philosophy. It is a game of skill which has an undeniable element of luck. Many people will look at successful poker players and assume they must have been very ‘lucky’ to make their millions. 360_joe_cada_b_1110The reality is these players are professionals and have spent a lot of time and energy studying how to maximise their value when they have the best of it and minimise their losses when they know they are beaten. Every hand is a new opportunity and the better you have prepared for it, the greater the chance of success.

You may ask, “Ok but how does this translate to real life situations where luck isn’t such a big factor?”. The concept is exactly the same. If you wish to be ‘luckier’ in your business or job you have to be willing to work hard in preparation for when the opportunity arises.

Opportunities are all around us, all the time, and if you cannot see them it is simply because you have not prepared enough to recognise them as possible options.

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